The Australian Services Union is by your side. We are devastated that the workplace systems at the power station did not prevent the risk of exposure to COVID.

Our advice is:

  1. Contact us as soon as you have any concerns about being healthy and safe.
  2. Cease work if you identify any danger and demand a risk assessment is conducted immediately
  3. Work from home as much as possible

What are your rights? OHS Law says:

  • Your employer MUST set up a safe system of work
  • Your employer MUST consult with workers and HSRs about controlling hazards
  • Your employer MUST improve controls to reduce the likelihood of fatality, illness & injury

We thank you for keeping Energy running so that our whole State has lights, wifi, heating – our essentials.

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | 0417 551 124 |

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