The people who get elected as councillors will have a big influence on the investments councils make in communities and in the delivery of the services that we rely on every day.

Through their decisions in the council chamber, they will have an impact on the employment conditions and job security of thousands of local government workers.

It can be hard to know whether a candidate is committed to quality services and to a better standard of living for working people.

So the ASU has asked every candidate to sign our Local Council Candidate Pledge.

The pledge is a commitment to communities and council workers.

Amongst other things, we are asking candidates to make a pledge that they will

  • act with integrity, always remembering the weight of their decisions.
  • always act for a better standard of living for working people, work to preserve public services, and stand up for secure jobs and good wages.
  • take seriously the impact their actions as both a candidate for local council, and a councillor, will have on Victoria’s 54,000 local government employees.

Before you vote in your local council election, we’ll let you know which candidates in your council have signed the pledge.

And we will ask you to support those candidates because they can make a real difference to the services we receive and the standard of living for working people.

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