In the middle of a pandemic that knows no borders, the ASU has been front and centre supporting members.

The ASU has secured the health and well-being of membership by providing the best information, resources, and support.

Measures to inform and support members have included information sessions covering:

  • Working from Home: Members Rights and Organisations’ Responsibilities
  • Safety working in Out of Home Care
  • Members Rights and the Organisations’ Responsibilities as restrictions ease and change occurs

A recent example of the effectiveness of ASU these information sessions was an ‘easing restrictions’ session at an Aboriginal Co-Op.

At the section, ASU officials and reps shared standards achieved in other organisations. Following the session, management was asked and agreed to provide a similar allowance arrangement, helping to lift the standards.

The ASU has also provided a steady stream of information included:

  • A community sector COVID resource page
  • OH&S protocols that detail members’ rights and organisations’ responsibility to provide a safe workplace
  • The right to consultation and risk assessments when workplace changes occur, including change related to pandemic arrangements

The ASU has been Instrumental in setting up of an independent disputes panel across SACS by working with DHHS.  The panel is a forum to resolve issues between members and their workplace, about safety or other matters during the pandemic. The ASU has activated the panel process on with positive, tangible outcomes in each case.

The ASU is by your side to support you with your unique needs at every step of your work life.

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