ASU delegates and Organiser Hayley Davis met with Children Services management on Friday to discuss concerns raised at the last member meeting:  Some of these issues included:

  • Maintaining ratios when staff are has led to children and staff are being moved across rooms, children seem confused and are not able to engage in the program. In addition, staff being moved across centres to cover absences not being replaced by casual staff is affecting staff morale, continuity of care and children’s sense of belonging
  • Permanent staff being called in while on a RDO instead of engaging casual staff.
  • Coordinators staying back 1.5+ hours each multiple times over the past few weeks due to being understaffed
  • Coordinators and 2ICs have been covering tea breaks and lunch breaks
  • Educators and Coordinators spending 4-5 hours a day cleaning as per DHHS requirements
  • Planning time has not been provided for over a month, and therefore it is time outstanding that is owed to staff.
  • Educators, coordinator and 21C have all been taken out of their regular roles to cook for the children when the cook is away.

All of these issues have been considered and form part of a request for additional resources to the executive leadership team.

We have been advised by management that a response to their request for additional resources which would solve a lot of the understaffing issues will be given next Tuesday 26 May. At which time they will communicate with the ASU and delegates.

For further information please contact: your delegates Monique Parkes or Deidre Bell or
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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