ASU staff and representatives met with FSU Leadership on 20 August 2020 to continue discussions about the voluntary separation process and the future structure of the FSU. Julia Angrisano, Nathan Rees and Wendy Streets attended the meeting.

EOI for Voluntary Separation (‘VR’)
FSU leadership have not agreed to extend the EOI process for all employees. However, if you cannot get financial advice before 24 August, they will consider extensions on a case by case basis. Email Wendy Streets with your request and evidence of your appointment with a financial adviser.

Nathan Rees can confirm that the FSU will do what it can to ensure the most favourable tax treatment. They are processing VRs as genuine redundancies.

So far leadership has received 45 EOIs.

We will discuss the outcome of the EOI process at the next meeting on either 3 or 4 September.

Workloads and vacancies
Workloads are a significant issue for ASU members. We’ve asked management to consider the impact of VR on the workload of affected teams.

If you are worried about your workloads, you need to start gathering the evidence.  We’ve prepared a tool.

Leadership have confirmed that there are 20 vacancies nationally. They will either be filled or made redundant according to the new organisational structure.

Strategic Plan
FSU Executive has endorsed the principles of the new strategic plan. The focus areas presented to staff last week haven’t changed. They will continue consultations with staff as they develop the new organisation structure in line with the plan.

For further information please contact:
ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Aaron De La Torre |

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