VicRoads have commenced consultation with ASU and affected staff around the proposed transfer of employees to the Department of Transport. This transfer is scheduled to occur on July 1 this year, and ASU has been in discussions with VicRoads and the State Government about this proposal. Please see further information provided by VicRoads here.

But now is the time to have your say. Whilst this decision has been made by the State Government, the consultation provisions in your VicRoads EA8 still apply. Clause 8.8 of the Agreement states that “Consultation means the full, meaningful and frank discussion of issues/proposals and the explanation and furnishing of explanatory documents and due consideration of the views of the relevant employees and their relevant recognised representative/s, prior to implementation by any final decision.” We will be holding them to this.

Key among our concerns is the transfer of superior EA8 entitlements. The Machinery of Government rules require that staff transfer on conditions that are ‘no less favourable overall’ than their existing conditions. So where EA8 has a provision that is superior to that in the VPS EA, that EA8 provision will be preserved.

The ASU are currently assessing the provided list of preserved provisions, and will ensure that none are missed.

If you would like to provide any questions or concerns about the proposal please contact:
The ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

We will collate your feedback, and provide it in a submission to Government and VicRoads.

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