ASU members worked collaboratively to support bargaining for their new agreement.

You will soon be asked to vote on your ASU negotiated Agreement and we encourage you to read the agreement and speak to ASU members who have represented you throughout this process.

Due to their active engagement, consultation and discussions with members and co-workers, ASU members succeeded in achieving a significantly improved agreement in record time. In less than 8 weeks of bargaining, an in-principle agreement was reached between your employer and the ASU on a new Enterprise Agreement that provides;

  • Good Pay outcomes – 3% back pay, 2.25% 1 July 2021, 2.25% 1 July 2022 and 2.25% 1 July 2023.
  • Improved employment security – limitations on fixed-term roles with an emphasis on securing permanent work.
  • Improved Higher Duties payments to give greater access.
  • A small improvement in Parental Leave shifting weeks available for the primary carer from 13 – 14 weeks leave.

You and your coworkers will each benefit from these improved conditions. These would not have been achieved without the active engagement of ASU members at every step in the process.

Your agreement also now includes the capacity to take an alternative to 26 January as a public holiday.

Secure work, good employment conditions and competitive wages are important for successful advocacy and service delivery for the Victorian community.

The ASU congratulates ASU members on their unity and work to achieve these negotiation successes.

We hope you will take pride in your ASU membership and work for the benefit of all employees. Share this newsletter and the good news about your agreement with your colleagues and encourage them to join via

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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