Well done to ASU members who have led a grassroots community campaign to stop forced amalgamations and have now achieved a significant incremental win in this campaign.

Premier Jeremy Rockliff and Local Government Minister Nic Street have ruled out forced amalgamations after your strong and united community campaign to save your council, save your jobs and save your community. This would not have occurred, without the hard work of union members and Delegates speaking up and letting your voices and those of your communities be heard. Finally, they listened.

The Government’s Future of Local Government Review has not consulted widely and has not even held sessions in each council area. The Government must now also rule out the centralisation of services. Tasmanians do not need another TasWater or any loss of quality local services run by you and for the community.

What has become increasingly evident through the Government’s Future of Local Government Review is the vast lack of consultation and the strong community opposition. Continuing with the review is the government trying to save face, but yesterday’s announcement is an acknowledgement that it has failed.

What’s next?
This incremental win in the campaign is a big win for workers. However, the review is continuing and amalgamations can’t be ruled out completely, although they will not be forced by the government, but will require a vote of communities.

The discussion around centralisation / or shared servicing across a range of functions across local government remains a threat to the direct employment of workers.

And we all know the FoLGR has failed to address the real challenges in Local Government and the critical need for a workforce plan to address wages and conditions and skill shortages. Together, we must continue to elevate these issues and seek outcomes that will improve your employment and services to the community.

The ASU will be sending packs to support ASU Delegates in the workplace to gather your feedback and ensure your participation in the Community Hearings throughout August. Stay tuned. Now is the time to act collectively, and be heard.

There is power in a union. And there is no more important time to join, print, spread and share this message and encourage your workmates to join us at https://asujoin.asn.au/

For more information please contact: Your ASU Delegate, Local Organiser or
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor | sbatchelor@asuvictas.com.au
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 | info@asuvictas.com.au

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