Today ASU members at ERMHA 365 had a victory in preventing staff from being forced to use their own cars.

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This will eliminate the safety & cost concerns raised by ERMHA 365 staff, such as

  • Fuel & running costs.
  • The pressure to use your own car to get shifts.
  • The need to own a car to do my job.
  • Vehicle safety, hygiene and liability issues.

This is a WIN that will HELP set a precedent across the sector, stopping organisations from taking advantage of the workforce to save a few bucks.

So, a massive well done to all ASU members and delegates at ERMHA365.

Remember that there are always work-related issues in this broken sector so while you all deserve a pat on the back today other challenges still lie ahead like insecure work. Stick together and grow your strength.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Steen |

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