ASU members are to be congratulated for standing up for decent pay and secure work!

Council employees have rejected managements proposed Enterprise Agreement.

ASU bargaining representatives have advocated hard over the last 6 month for secure, well paid jobs at Ballarat council, and this was achievable given the financial security of council.

While council did make a sub-standard offer, it is heartening that the recommendation to vote NO was supported by the majority of council employees.

Council however, instead of being gracious in defeat, and attempting to bring the bargaining teams back together to find an acceptable compromise, today issued a threat, and proposed to undermine the bargaining process by bypassing nominated bargaining representatives and unions, and proposing to go straight to employees via meetings and surveys “…to understand what aspects of the proposed Agreement did not meet your expectations or needs.”

In light of management’s response to losing the vote, the implied threats, and the unwillingness thus far to engage in good faith with the existing bargaining process, ASU will provide management with a window of opportunity to engage in bargaining, but if nothing happens, we will be conducting meetings before the end of the month, to discuss with members the options available to them to progress claims and secure an improved enterprise agreement.

Please distribute this newsletter and post on notice boards.

Further information please contact: your local delegate or
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 1300 855 570 |

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