LCHS’s proposed major changes to classification levels and pay point progression in the Behavioural Health Program contain significant areas of concern for ASU members.

The ASU wrote to the CEO expressing concern over the short timeframes for consultation and the limited detail available for staff to give feedback. Please click here for a copy of the ASU’s letter.

The ASU commends LCHS and welcomes the reclassification of positions, however, there are significant concerns about the introduction of a Competency Framework. We believe it will prevent members from moving through the pay points within a classification level.

ASU believes the Competency Framework has the following flaws:

  • The measures being used to assess competencies are too subjective.
  • Client feedback is not a reliable measure of a member’s competency in their role.
  • The bar to progress to the next pay point is set unreasonably high. Staff will need a score of 95/100 or above to be “Fully Competent” and receive the increase.
  • The Competency Framework is incomplete; staff are being asked to sign onto a program without all information.
  • Morale will reduce as staff will have to meet an exceptional standard of work to just receive a modicum pay increase.

LCHS has advised they believed it “timely to integrate the competency framework …. albeit not yet finalised.” Please click here for a copy of the LCHS response.

It is also important to note that LCHS has not committed the framework will not be adopted across the organisation.

It appears that the only reason LCHS are linking these two issues is to force acceptance of the good with the bad. The ASU will be raising your concerns seeking these two matters to be separated, and the Competency Framework not be implemented until finalised.

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