Do you work in a CLC and want to know more about your conditions?
In Victoria, most community legal centres are covered by the ‘CLC Multi Business Agreement’. Like an enterprise bargaining agreement, a multi-business agreement covers your wages and conditions, however, it applies to more than one employer.

The problem with the ‘CLC Multi Business Agreement’ is that it nominally expired in 2009! This means that it was planned to expire more than 10 years ago but continues to cover our wages and conditions in the sector.

What are we doing about it?
Delegates and members in the CLC sector are concerned about our stagnating wages and conditions, and the lack of secure funding for the sector.

Recently, a group of Australian Services Union delegates and members from several CLCs have come together to bargain for a new agreement.

Together, members across the CLC sector can achieve better wages and conditions, not only to improve their working lives but to ensure the sector can continue to improve the lives of the communities they aim to help.

If you would like to organise a meeting at your workplace please get in touch with your ASU delegate or contact the ASU at

Please get involved and add your voice to the discussion.

You can also speak with any colleagues of yours who are yet to join the ASU and direct them to

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