Question: How many Community Legal Centers are there across Victoria?
Answer: 57

And they are all covered by your union, the ASU!

That is a lot of ASU members out there doing amazing legal work to ensure that all Victorians receive access to quality community legal services.

Staff working in Community Legal Centers are subject to varying workplace agreements and the SCHADS Award.

The ASU has been working closely with Dylan Goldsworthy, ASU delegate at Northern Community Legal Centre to try and organise members across the sector to improve pay, conditions and union solidarity.

Dylan has hosted 3 member meetings and is mapping out members and union strength in the sector.

Members at meetings have discussed their concern already-low wages in the sector may stagnate, employees will continue to experience insecure work, and many passionate Community Legal Centers lawyers may be hampered in pursuing systemic advocacy if members don’t get organised!

The next meeting for members working in Community Legal Centers is currently being scheduled and we strongly encourage any interested members to get in touch to find out more!

For more information please contact Dylan or ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell via email: or Ph: 0419 506 310

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