We last reported when members rejected your employer’s offer due to a lack of detail, concern about the number of unresolved matters and an unsatisfactory pay offer.

Since then the National Wage Case delivered 4.6% vindicating your rejection of 4% in the first year. We are seeking a commitment to above Award wages, a claim rejected by your employers.

What your employers believe is;

  • that due to the Equal Remuneration Order you are paid well, despite evidence that the equal pay gap still exists.
  • that although other agreements in Community Health deliver above Award wages, this is not necessary for the SACs Agreement.

VHIA is surveying employers to see if a higher wage offer is possible.

Centres are struggling to fill vacancies and there is an exodus of workers to better-paid public and private roles. Award wages will not deliver better community health.

Other issues unresolved have been reduced to a few matters sitting with bargaining delegates for feedback.

We have not achieved acceptable outcomes on Pandemic Leave or Clinical Supervision or any leave claims.

Delegates are updating records and have asked for the number of employees and program areas covered by the SACs Agreement at their centre. Employers have said that providing this information is a breach of privacy. There is no breach of privacy in knowing which groups of employees are covered by the agreement. Understanding which employees fall under the agreement is fundamental to good faith bargaining. This matter will be listed in the FWC if there is no action.

We can’t win without you. Every member needs to support their delegates to grow the union. Do something for yourself, share this newsletter and ask a non-member to join today.

For further information speak please contact one of the CHC bargaining delegates:
Donna – NRCHC
James – Cohealth
Susana – GLCHS
Andy – Cohealth

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