Thanks to ASU members who have informed us that your employers’ have started their information campaign.

ASU bargaining reps welcome the new pay offer; however, we haven’t been bargaining for Award wages. Other health and community health agreements deliver above Award wages.

Employers have offered 10.5% increase over 2 years. You can view the summary here.

4.6% in the first year is already payable due to the National wage case:

The offer:
5.2% from approval of the Agreement (inclusive of the award increase from 1 July 2022)
A .6% pay increase

2.7% from FFPPOA 1 July 2023
Unknown if this will be an above the Award.

2.6% from FFPPOA 1 July 2024.
Unknown if this will be an above the Award.

Outstanding issues the ASU has put a position back to the employer on.

  • Supervision – your employers want line managers to perform clinical supervision. We oppose this and have put alternate wording several times. We await a response to our most recent proposal.
  • Public Holidays – Current wording could mean a loss of ‘additional’ gazetted days. WE have proposed alternate wording to reduce the confusion between gazetted and additional days.
  • Pandemic and vaccination leave doesn’t meet our claim. The employer proposal provides no real value
  • Community Service leave updates not included.
  • Long service leave treatment of public holidays, appears incorrect. Leading to a loss of PH when on LSL.
  • Study Leave and Professional development –issue regarding employer payment for PD.
  • Additional personal leave without a certificate.

The ASU will call meetings over the next week to seek your feedback.

In the meantime, we ask everyone to discuss these issues with coworkers, invite them to meetings and to join the ASU via

ASU members have driven an improved offer and only support for the ASU will further improve it.

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