Thanks to those who were able to attend the CHC delegates meeting last Monday.

We discussed the small number of items on which agreement has not been able to be reached. There are a few clauses such as Supervision, and Vaccination/Pandemic Leave where there remains a considerable distance between the parties.

The key concern remains that the employer’s wage offer will not provide members with any certainty that their wages will be lifted beyond Award rates. It is widely anticipated that the national wage case will hand down a larger than usual wage adjustment. The average is between 2.7 – 3.2%. The current offer from CHCs is for 4% on commencement, 2.7% in the second year and 2.6% in the third year. The ASU counter-proposal was for 6% on commencement in the first year.

The ACTU adjusted their claim from 5% to 5.5% in early May in recognition of the rise in the cost of living and increases in interest rates. The new Labor Government has announced support for an adjustment of 5.1%.

While no increases are guaranteed, the feeling of the meeting was there was no advantage to compromising our claim in advance of the national wage case outcome.

The key purpose of our meeting was to discuss the work that delegates can do now to organise their workplaces. If outstanding matters are not resolved, and the employers offer is not, delegates need to have reviewed their member lists to ensure they can be reached by mobile, or email and that their worksite details are up to date.

It is important for delegates to hold workplace conversations about the issues above with members and non-members now.

A further newsletter will be sent next week to update you on progress.

For further information please contact one of your ASU bargaining representatives

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