The ASU and your bargaining committee have received an offer from management regarding your Enterprise Agreement. Offers like this are generally tabled when one side wants to move the process along more quickly. If we accept this offer, bargaining ceases and the draft enterprise agreement will go to the ballot.

If we reject this offer, all parties have the choice of either resuming bargaining or leaving the process altogether.

Please attend the following meeting to give us your views on this offer. We will also go through the offer in more detail and discussion possible next steps.

DATE: Monday 9 May
TIME: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Your bargaining committee does not think that this offer is fair. We have submitted several clarifying questions to management, but the initial assessment is that the offer has the following fundamental flaws:

  1. Lower pay offer than anticipated. Management has offered a 9.3% pay increase over three years, plus a small lump sum payment at the onset of the Agreement
  2. No paid isolation leave. Paid leave is only provided for mandatory vaccinations and any resulting side effects.
  3. The supervision clause stipulates that an employee must request that clinical supervision be undertaken by someone outside of their line management and that such requests will be considered.
  4. Proposal that ordinary shifts of up to 10-hour shifts can be worked by mutual agreement.

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For more information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell |

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