On June 1st a newsletter was sent out identifying which councils are providing support to staff to access the COVID19 vaccination, and which aren’t… At the monthly council aged care delegate meeting on Tuesday 22nd of June, delegates requested this list be circulated again. It can be found here  Note that Frankston City Council is also paying 1hr for vaccine attendance and Glen Eira City Council is paying 2 x 90 minutes for appointments. Neither are paying travel time, kms, or COVID19 leave in case of adverse reactions.

Look to the councils that are supporting their frontline staff. Use this information to wedge your council to do the same. Get in touch to discuss how – tmorwitzer@asuvictas.com.au

Can the vaccination be made mandatory?

With the federal government shifting the blame for its failed vaccination rollout onto workers, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of making the vaccination mandatory. Can they do this? Well, the answer is – it’s complicated. The ASU has two resources to support members to navigate this issue in your workplace.

Can vaccinations be mandatory? – FAQ sheet

Can vaccinations be mandatory? Recent decisions – legal precedents around the issue.

Vaccination is one tool in the tool belt against COVID19, and an important one. But members will still need to fight for workplace support to access it, COVID19 leave so you can stay home if you’re sick, and councils need to support staff to have full hours, including reducing the use of agency and casual staff, therefore reducing the need to work across sites. You should not be blamed for a crisis where solutions by your employer are obvious.

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