Community Care delegates from across the south-eastern suburbs came together to discuss the recent decision of Maribyrnong Council to outsource their in-home aged care services.

Carers at the south-east network meeting talked about how they would like the ASU to contribute to the Aged Care Royal Commission. We’ll be sure to highlight their experiences of Council’s that trend to undermine the value of Council care.

Delegates from Stonington, Glen Eira, Casey, Whitehorse, Dandenong and Kingston exchanged views on the impacts of marketisation on their industry, their work and the needs of carers.

Council CEOs and directors appear to be able to hold councillors in check to deliver on their agenda to rationalise services, with financial objectives having precedence over human needs and the value of quality public service.

Members were clear on the need to campaign and work to maintain Council’s high quality service and standards in care. This isn’t just about defending jobs, but also to defend standards of care for older community members.

Delegates networks are great ways to build your union’s industry strength, look out for one in your area.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the ASU’s networks, you can get more information on our website or by talking to your organiser.

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