A growing group of residents have expressed concern about Glen Eira’s decision and lack of community consultation on the decision to sell off GECC’s Residential Aged Care. Glen Eira Council’s adherence to the barest minimum notification and consultation requirements obliged under the Local Government Act has angered community members who value Council services and their Residential Aged Care.

Concerned residents and the ASU made submissions at the Special General Meeting on the 12 March. A further Special General meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 April at 7.00pm. We encourage staff to attend this meeting.

The ASU encourages staff to attend Council meetings in relation to decisions effecting jobs to witness proceedings. Councillors need to be aware their decisions and the process in which they are made impacts on all Council employees.

The ASU believes that the process undertaken makes a mockery of Council commitments to quality community consultation and undermines good consultation and trust built in other areas of Council.

No Glen Eira Councillor was elected with a mandate to sell these services, the sale was not foreshadowed and there is no reference to the sale of Residential Aged Care in the Community Plan. The ASU believes that undertaking this sale while the Aged Care Royal Commission is under way is a poor decision and the timing is more about getting it done in advance of Councillor’s elections in 2020.

ASU Organiser David Nunns will be in attendance at the next meeting of staff of the facilities on 10 April at 2.30pm at Warrawee. We encourage all staff to attend.

The ASU is committed to the preservation of secure jobs with good conditions and quality community services.

For further information please contact ASU Organiser David Nunns on 0418 856 495

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