Common arguments to privatise aged care

This document has been developed to assist organisers and delegates rebut arguments from management trying to convince councillors to privatise their critical aged care services. Many of these arguments we believe result from inaccurate modelling council has received from the consultancy agency Mach2, who are convincing councils to exit. One of our main asks to councils is that they pursue independent consultation and look to councils successfully providing growing aged care services to the community such as Kingston, Colac-Otway, Wangaratta, and Bayside amongst others. Talk to your industry organizer for more information.

Farewell from Tuffy

It’s true I’m off! Thursday 24th of February will be my last day with the ASU after which I’ll take up part-time study and move over into the environment movement – a campaign space also grounded in care, which as we all know should be at the centre of everything we do! I want to thank all the delegates in this area and all the excellent and crucial work you do in the world. It’s been an honour to fight for it to be valued better alongside you all.

Until a new organizer is hired in my position Ty Lockwood will the contact for council-based aged care –

In Solidarity,
Tuffy Morwitzer


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