You are invited to attend Union Meetings at Colony 47 tomorrow,  Thursday 19th from 12pm.  You may attend in person in the Hobart- Collins St office or via a Teams link that will be sent to you by Colony 47.

Colony 47 have advised the ASU they believe you are paid too much.  They plan to freeze your wage at your current rate of pay.

In the Colony 47 Enterprise Agreements 2012 & 2017, your employer, in the pursuit of making Colony 47 an attractive place to work, agreed to pay above Award wages. They also promised to pass on the Fair Work Equal Renumeration Order (Equal Pay) and National Minimum Wage increases in full.  We are asking Colony 47, what’s changed?  Why now?

You speak the values of Colony 47 day in, day out in the client facing work that you do. Are Colony 47 management putting their ‘People First’?

The ASU is By Your Side .  Together, we can stand up for a fair deal, but we can’t do it alone.   Join us today:

“I know, up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here at the bottom we, too, should have rights.”  – Dr Seuss

For more information contact:
ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor | | 0459 228 612

Want to learn more about the ASU’s Equal Pay case?


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