Today, almost one hundred Colony 47 employees were due a wage increase.

In 2017, employees voted up the Colony 47 Incorporated Enterprise Agreement 2017.

Your union, the ASU, has lodged an application to the Fair Work Commission regarding Part 4, 17 (b):

Further wage increases will be made, on 1 December each year (until 2020), in line with the Equal Remuneration Orders (ERO) issued by the Fair Work Commission for all relevant employees.”

We believe 17 (b) requires that Colony 47 pay a wage increase from 1 December 2020.

A wage freeze is not a wage increase, and is effectively a wage cut when compared to cost of living increases.

We are calling on Colony 47 to live their ‘Advantaged Thinking’:

What Colony Say:  

“Employee representatives have put a view that we have a legal obligation to pay the final ERO increase which we have legally checked and been advised that, as we are currently paying above the required award rates, we have met our obligation.”

ASU reply:
The ASU position does not relate to the ASU won ERO obligations (minimum legal Award rates), it relates to the current Enterprise Agreement that was voted on by all employees in 2017 with the promise to pay a wage increase on 1 December 2020.  It is unfair for Colony 47 to renege on your existing agreement conditions. At a minimum employees should be enabled a confidential vote if a change is proposed.

Where to?
The matter now sits with the Fair Work Commission. As such, there is no guarantee of success but it is consistent with the union values of fairness to pursue this case.

Christmas is approaching and for some, the lost dollars will have a huge impact.  However, this is also about the right to collectively bargain and to protect and improve our conditions at work.

We will keep you updated.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor | 0459 228 612 |



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