The ASU was saddened to hear of the violence which occurred last week in our city and especially the violence directed at our members at cohealth.

Delegates at cohealth across different unions wish to express their disgust at the violence toward cohealth workers by so-called ‘protesters’ last week. ASU officials also wish to express our support for our great members at cohealth and express our outrage at the violence perpetrated against you.

Our members have been working tirelessly to provide care for the most marginalised in our community. cohealth clinics in the city are priority centres for the most disadvantaged sections of society including rough sleepers, migrants, refugees and international students.

The attack on these centres has resulted not only in the temporary closure of the vaccination clinic but also in a range of other services to support homeless people. While the ASU understands the impact this decision had on people experiencing homelessness, we commend cohealth’s swift and decisive action to ensure our members were not put in harm’s way.

Vaccination is a critical health and safety measure that reduces the risk of Covid-19 spreading throughout our community and across worksites.

The ASU believe every worker has the right to go to work without risk to their health and safety.

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