Enterprise Agreement Negotiations
The latest discussions around your EBA have involved looking at what areas of the current EBA need the most work and have caused us the most headaches over the years.

This will also include the drafting of alternatives so, when ASU member meetings resume, they can be considered by members to assist with bargaining.

This approach is a good one. What it means is, instead of management coming up with solutions, the Union is at the drafting table having direct input into what is being developed on behalf of all ASU members.

As per normal, nothing being worked on will be final until signed off by members. There is no move by CoGG to circumvent bargaining or put anything out to a vote without going through negotiations.

Forced taking of annual and long service leave
Under your EBA you can only be required to take Annual Leave if you have over 16 weeks accrued, and even then, it is through a leave plan to take it during the next 12 months. Under the legislation, you can only be forced to take your long service leave with at least 3 months’ notice.

This is not being changed, breached, or proposed to be changed or breached.

Staff, particularly those who have lost hours due to closures, are being asked to use annual and/or long service leave to top up their lost hours. If you do not want to you can take leave without pay instead. If there is a reason you do not want to use your accrued leave you should discuss that with your manager and work out a solution that suits you. If your manager will not work with you on this, you should contact your local ASU Delegate or Organiser ASAP.

While staff with high leave balances are being asked to reduce them, staff who have been affected by closures and who have low leave balances are being offered additional provisions to support them.

We believe this is a far better outcome than seeing staff across Council being stood down or losing their jobs due to site closures, and have ensured that the approach by CoGG does not breach the EBA or your industrial rights.

Doing this will also ensure the full burden of this pandemic is spread out to help reduce the impact on workgroups and that those most affected receive the support they need.

As a result of the work done by ASU Delegates and Officials working with Council officers, we have now seen well over 200 staff who were stood down redeployed into meaningful paid work, with many being trained to support other staff affected by the pandemic and improve their skills.

ASU Member Meeting
If you still have questions or concerns about these or any workplace issues, or just want to check in with your fellow ASU members, we will be holding the next ASU members Zoom meeting as follows:

DATE: Wednesday 20 May
TIME: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
ZOOM LINK: https://zoom.us/j/94773087189
MEETING ID: 947 7308 7189

It would be great to see you there.

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