CNV Management has advised us today that they intend to bargain for a new Enterprise Agreement.  

They’ve made clear their intention to create a new agreement solely for CNV workers. As you’re likely aware from recent discussions amongst ASU Members, we’re looking at options to utilise the new laws around Multi-Employer Agreements to improve conditions for a much larger portion of workers within the Community Services sector.  

Interestingly, CNV is among an abnormally large number of employers in the sector who notified us this week that they intend to bargain for a single enterprise agreement to cover their workers. We’re concerned that this may be an attempt to push out the timing of them being covered by a larger, more generous Multi-Employer Agreement. But that’s just a hunch.  

We’ll reach out to you soon to discuss the next steps, but whatever happens, it’ll be your choice what we do next.  

In the meantime, there are two things that you can do to make sure the next agreement (whatever form that takes) has the best possible conditions in it: 

  1. Invite your colleagues to join the ASU ASU members have access to a huge amount of resources when it comes to bargaining, including ASU Delegates and Officials, the ASU’s legal team, and a wealth of experience in bargaining for Enterprise Agreements.
  2. Start talking to your colleagues, or thinking to yourself, about what conditions need improvement at CNV. Some conversation starters are: leave, pay, consultation, disputes, the physical workspace, workload and culture. 

The more workers in the ASU, the more level the playing field when it comes to bargaining. Why not invite your colleagues to join today? 

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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