The ASU welcomes you to the ASU Moreland for Climate Action group.

Scientists overwhelmingly believe that climate change is a critical issue facing all Australians.

Rising average temperatures and increases in extreme weather events like severe bushfires are threatening our short- and long-term health, food and water security and economic stability.

The ASU is calling on you to join this group and help achieve a Zero Carbon Council by 2040. We also want to ensure that job opportunities are enhanced through this important transition to an environmentally secure future.

We are ready to act now to halt the worst effects of climate change on our community.

This group will also lead efforts to introduce a Climate and Sustainability Clause to the upcoming Moreland EBA.

Possible stipulations in the EBA include:

  • Establishing a Joint Sustainability Committee to examine and provide recommendations to council to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainable council operations and services
  • Establishing an employer policy to allow employees to purchase hot water systems via the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative
  • Providing employees with 1 day of paid special leave annually to participate in climate change actions including mass rallies
  • Entitling employees with at least 4 years of Council service access to apply for Climate Leave to undertake volunteering activities with pre-approved environmental organisations

Further information; model climate clause here

Our first meeting will be held;

DATE: Wednesday 24 February
TIME: 6pm
MEETING ID: 829 7313 7289
PASSCODE: 199985

If you have any queries about the group please contact:
ASU Delegate Teishan Ahearne |

For any other queries please contact:
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley |

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