Last night (Monday, 23 November 2020), at Clarence City Council’s Ordinary Council Meeting, your General Manager requested approval to spend $500,000 from the Operating Budget on new employees.

Your General Manager has robbed the budgets of a number of departments to find this lazy half a million dollars of spare cash, yet back in May this year he froze your wages because there was no money to go around.

In Council’s Annual Plan for 2020/2021, also approved at last night’s meeting, there are millions of dollars of improved budget positions across many of the budget lines. Council have been advised that there is expected to be an OPERATING SURPLUS of $2.9 MILLION, yet no one has come out and offered a wage increase to the hard working employees.

You took a wage freeze on the basis of maintaining a balanced operational budget being balanced. They weren’t meant to be making a surplus on the back of you taking a wage freeze. We were asking for a 2.0% increase to wages for this year. That would have cost just $1 million.

Council had $65 million in the bank when we asked for you wage increase last time. Now they have more than $70 million in cash just sitting around waiting for projects to spend it on over the next ten years. There is NO REASON Council can’t use some of this cash to provide increases now and recover these cash reserves through rates receipts later.

There are many questions to ask. We’ve requested a full financial briefing and have demanded that bargaining for a new enterprise agreement start as soon as possible.

For more information please contact Aaron De La Torre | | 0427 813 821

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