Christmas slowdown
The ASU has been made aware of communication that was sent to staff regarding the taking of annual leave over the Christmas/New Year period.

We are concerned that the email implies that staff will be “required” to take leave during this period.

We have written to management at CWW to advise that there is nothing in the CWW EA that allows Management to do this.

The Christmas period is no different to any other time of year as far as annual leave is concerned. Clause 6.2.3 states that:
“Annual leave shall be approved in accordance with the provisions of this clause to be taken at a time which is convenient to the needs of CWW but as far as is practicable the wishes of the employee shall be considered when fixing the time for taking of leave.”

The only time an employee can be directed to take leave is when their leave balance exceeds eight weeks, and there is a process that needs to be followed in these circumstances.

We have written to CWW Management requesting that they issue a retraction of this email, but disappointingly they have declined.

If any ASU members are being pressured to take leave during this period, we urge you to contact the ASU as soon as possible.

Consultation (or lack thereof)
ASU have become aware of proposed changes regarding the Code of Conduct, the Performance Management policy, and the Capability Framework.

These are important matters that will have a significant impact on staff at CWW. We have written to Management to urge that consultation commences as soon as possible.

There are aspects to the Performance Management policy in particular that we have serious concerns about, and we believe it may be in breach of the Enterprise Agreement.

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