City West Water and Western Water will be integrated into one Water Authority as of July 1, 2021. The new operational name will be Greater Western Water.

ASU Delegates met with Human Resources and Mark Wilkin and can now confirm the following:

  • No job losses
  • All conditions and entitlements will remain
  • All accruals will be preserved
  • Continuity of service will continue
  • Business as usual during the process leading up until July 1, 2021.
  • All work sites across both Authorities will be maintained, and opportunities to localise work will be explored
  • ASU will be actively involved in the consultative process up until integration and beyond. The ASU have been invited to comment and inform the most effective consultative processes for our members.
  • Delegates at City West Water and Western Water will work to ensure that member welfare and employment security is at the forefront of any discussions and consultation. A meeting of all Delegates will soon be convened for this purpose

While the ASU are pleased about the commitment that all non-executive staff will transfer across to the new Authority, we are very concerned about the following paragraph that was in the correspondence sent out yesterday;

β€œIt will be up to the board and management of Greater Western Water to determine the best structure of the new organisation going forward – but it will provide for further opportunities for staff and longer-term jobs growth. Staff and customers will be supported to ensure this transition is smooth.”

The state government need to commit that the new board will not be able to cut positions after 1 July 2021.


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