Casual Work and Snap Lockdown
These last 12 months have been tough. With this most recent 5-day lockdown it was especially hard for casual workers in Libraries, they were given little or no consultation from management. Last week when the lockdown announcement was made, names and shifts again quickly disappeared from the rosters with little or no consultation.

Leisure workers were informed at first that they would be paid for the weekend only, but no word for the library workers.

The ASU wrote to the CEO on Monday requesting all casuals be paid for the 5 days that they were rostered. We provided a list of other Councils who were paying their casuals. This letter also requested a meeting with the ASU to start the process for casual conversion.

The ASU received a response in writing late Tuesday from Council stating all casuals who were rostered over those 5 days would be paid their rostered shift in full, also Yarra intends to discuss the casual conversion during negotiations through the EBA.

Let’s hope Council reacts quicker next time!

City of Yarra has one of the highest number of casuals across Victoria. The ASU is working with delegates and members throughout EBA negotiations for the casual conversion clause.

This needs to stop now! How?
ASU members need to engage and sign up non-members.
It is a fact that strong union membership is the best foundation for negotiating better pay and conditions.

The ASU met with delegates and members from libraries (digitally) on Wednesday 17 Feb. There was a large attendance and those very members and delegates emphasized the need for change.

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