Staff Consultative Committee Meeting: 28 February 2019
The ASU, ANMF, AEU and their delegates met with management as part of the Staff Consultative Committee on 28 February to address a number of matters. The purpose of these meetings are to:

  • Address any issues raised by staff relating to the agreement
  • Monitor the implementation of the agreement
  • Monitor the use of casual, fixed term, agency hire and replacement staff
  • Provide feedback on staff related policies
  • Review council employee related surveys
  • Keep apprised of changes to existing service performance standards and outcomes of service reviews
  • Be advised and asked for input and suggestions in relation to the effective implementation of organisational change

The points below were raised by the ASU:

  1. Workplace Induction invitations – ASU delegates currently attend staff inductions to provide union information to new inductees in accordance with the delegates rights provision in the EA. COY proposed to make the presentation optional. The ASU stated that this was unjustified and not giving the union the opportunity to inform new staff of their rights in the workplace and the role of the union. The ASU believes this proposal undermines the union’s importance. Since meeting, COY have made a commitment to the union that the presentation will remain inclusive as part of the induction program.
  2. The ASU asked COY if there was anything in the draft budget that shows COY intend to outsource or contract out of any services, CoY advised there was not.
  3. Variation of designated workgroups in Children’s Services. The ASU raised the issue of only 1 HSR in Children’s Services to cover 4 centres. We requested a variation to the workgroup under the OHS Act and will be conducting an election for more HSR’s in this area. We also requested the HSR Committee minutes to be included in the staff consultative committee.
  4. The ASU asked for reports on use of casual, agency hire staff which will be provided at the next meeting.
  5. The EA waiting to be certified includes extra leave days accessible to staff i.e. Emergency leave day, cultural leave, and extra day after 7 years. COY confirmed that they do not intend to backpay any leave days retrospectively whilst the EA is waiting to come into effect which is disappointing. On a better note COY have agreed to honor the additional paid parental leave entitlements backdated to the end of the 2017 EA for any staff who had taken paid parental leave, and paid to any staff who will go on this leave until the new EA is in effect.

If you have any questions regarding any of the matters discussed at the SCC please contact one of your delegates listed below who attended this meeting.

ASU Delegates in attendance: Pauline Bracken, Barbara Higgins, Brad Speechley, Fiona Catanuso, Joe Cunningham.

Welcome New Depot Delegates!
Since this meeting there has been an election at depot for new delegates and the following members were elected: Kueth Ajay, Dean Taylor and Eddie Mariona.

Please congratulate them on their new roles! We will tee up training and so forth to support them in their roles, in the meantime, please be patient as they settler into these positions.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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