You may have heard that 442 casuals have been stood down by City of Yarra. Councils have been excluded from the Job Keeper program and to date, only 52 casuals have been redeployed.

ASU delegates and officials have held discussions with Council since the stand-downs in an effort to address this loss of employment.

Over the last 4 weeks ASU members and casual staff have been represented in discussions by Yarra workplace delegates Barb Higgins, Library Casual Toby Gooley and Arts and Events Casual Rafaella McDonald. They have advocated for redeployment opportunities for employees who have been stood down.

We remain concerned about the impacts of long- term stand-downs on workers.

ASU delegates will be meeting to discuss progress and strategies to support the large number of casual workers who have been so critical to the delivery of services across Council.

If you know a casual that has been stood down share this newsletter with them and let them know their colleagues are thinking of them.

The ASU continues to call on Council to do its utmost to redeploy staff and has provided dozens of redeployment opportunities identified by other Councils and libraries.

Many of Yarra’s casuals are long term employees without whom services could not be delivered, often working directly with the Yarra community. These people are now waiting for their first Jobseeker payment.

Your health and safety – Risk Assessments
All staff need to be properly prepared in advance of the reopening of services.

Risk assessments should be conducted in all work areas to consider how operations might need to change under a pandemic. This is particularly critical for services with high public face to face exposure.

Your Health and Safety Representatives should be involved in the development of risk assessments to ensure your concerns are addressed.

We strongly urge delegates and HSRs to work together and initiate discussions about the development of risk assessments.

If you have a colleague who isn’t a union member, ask them to join today at

In Unity
ASU Delegates Barb, Toby and Raf
Jane Karslake Lead Organiser

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