What kind of pay rise do you want this year?

We want as many responses to this email as we can get. Take a look through the below information. What do you think? What’s important to you? What’s fair?

In 2022, you agreed to a $35/week pay rise. Now, your union representatives are negotiating the next agreement.

You and your colleagues gave your claims to the union. Of those claims, here’s some of what management are open to:

  • Superannuation is paid on ALL paid parental leave
  • Better dispute resolution, to make sure your issue doesn’t drag out for months
  • Ability to bank 3 RDOs

Unfortunately, the list of current disagreements is much longer:

  • No further protections against outsourcing
  • No increase in parental leave
  • No pandemic/disease leave for frontline workers
  • No improvements to redundancy
  • No improvements to overtime
  • No extra sick leave

And the list goes on.

You might be wondering – with so many disagreements, are management offering a big pay rise instead?

Management’s first offer for a pay rise is:

  • 2.6% in year 1 (2023-24)
  • 85% of the rate cap in year 2 (2024-25)
  • 85% of the rate cap in year 3 (2025-26)
  • 85% of the rate cap in year 4 (2026-27)

So… what do you think? Respond to this email, or contact your delegates and your organiser. Let us know what feedback you want us to take back to management.

We’re having a meeting of ALL ASU members on Tuesday 8 August, 12.30-1.30pm. But we’d love to hear from you before then.

Got a colleague who wants to join? Sign them up today at http://asujoin.asn.au

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Georgia Symons | 0477 666 328 | gsymons@asuvictas.com.au

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