With management claiming there’s no more room to move, it’s time for ASU members to take industrial action.

This is now your only hope of showing management that you’re serious about being valued at work, and about keeping up with the cost of living.

From Monday 18 September, you can take these actions:

  • All of you can take these actions
  • In addition:
    • Local laws, along with anyone who issues infringements, prepares court documents or investigates litter dumping, can take these actions
    • Depot workers can also take these actions

Here are some frequently asked questions about taking Protected Industrial Action.

So, let’s get together next week and get organised to take these actions.

Depot Workers
DATE: Tuesday 19 September
TIME: 7.30am
VENUE: Epping Depot Lunch Room

Home Support Workers
DATE: Tuesday 19 September
TIME: 1pm
VENUE: Civic Centre, Conference Room 2

All other union members
DATE: Wednesday 20 September
TIME: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
VENUE: PRACC Central Courtyard

Come along and work together with your colleagues to get a better EA outcome.

Got a colleague who wants to join? Sign them up today at http://asujoin.asn.au

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Georgia Symons | 0477 666 328 | gsymons@asuvictas.com.au

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