The ASU has received the results of the ballot for the City of Whittlesea EA No 9 which closed on the 30 August.

The Enterprise Agreement was voted up by 70% of those employees who voted.

Well done to everyone who voted YES and a big thanks to your ASU delegate team.

This was a long and protracted negotiation, but we were able to negotiate some important outcomes for everyone across our union membership.

  • $35 per week pay increases for each year of the three year agreement; this gives fairness and equity across all bands and respects all workers at the City of Whittlesea.
  • Increases to all allowances, year 1. 2.24%, year 2. 2.19%, year 3. 2.14%.
  • New Transition to retirement clause.
  • New Transfer of Business clause.
  • Improved flexibility arrangements clause.
  • Access to 4 health and wellbeing days which will not require any medical evidence from the employer, Part of personal leave entitlements.
  • Better consultation on all matters in the consultation committee.
  • New Casual conversation full/time/part/time clause after 12 months.
  • Increase in accident makeup pay from 39 weeks to 45 weeks.
  • Improved paid parental leave entitlements for both Parents, Improved paid parental leave entitlements, Primary Carer less than 12 months service up to 8 paid weeks, more than 5 years’ service 15 paid weeks, secondary carer 3 paid weeks, if you access the full Government paid Parental leave an extra $500.00 into your super fund.
  • Unlimited paid family violence leave.
  • New Gender transition Leave 10 paid days.
  • Improvements in most of the LAWAs for the different departments.

Please circulate this newsletter to all other staff members and put on your notice boards and in your lunch rooms and encourage non- members to join their union.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegate team or:
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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