Last week management tabled a single-page document regarding a proposal to ‘roll-over’ the existing enterprise agreement (attached). As a result, management have approved one hour paid meetings across the organisation for the various unions/negotiators to consult with their constituents (i.e. union members) for the purposes of providing feedback to a meeting scheduled for Thursday 2 May.  Further ASU members meetings would be held to approve the rollover agreement should that be the preference of members.

At this point in time the ASU has made arrangements for a number of meetings across different sites and departments. These are as per the following schedule:

Whitehorse Home & Community Services/Food Services Department Staff
DATE: Thursday 4 April
TIME: 4pm – 5pm
VENUE: Civic Centre, Waratah Room

Ailsa Street Operations Centre Outdoor Staff
DATE: Friday 5 April
TIME: 7am – 8am
VENUE: Ailsa Street Operations Centre, Lunchroom

Ailsa Street Operations Centre Administrative Staff
DATE: Friday 5 April
TIME: 8.30am – 9.30am
VENUE: Ailsa Street Operations Centre, Lunchroom

Whitehorse Recycling & Waste Depot Staff
DATE: Friday 12 April
TIME: 8am – 9am
VENUE: Whitehorse Recycling & Waste Depot, Lunchroom

Please note that further meetings in other departments will be scheduled ASAP.

The ASU is calling for nominations from the membership to be an ‘ASU Delegate’ (especially in those areas without direct ASU representation) and to actively participate in the negotiations on YOUR wages and YOUR conditions. If you wish to nominate to be an ASU Delegate please contact one of your Delegates listed below or ASU Organiser David Nunns via the details below.

  • Janine Brooks (Business Services)
  • David Casey (Maintenance Department)
  • Barbara Connor (Ages & Disability Services)
  • Christopher Wiwczaruk (Maintenance Department)
  • Duane Hirini (Parks & Gardens)
  • Cameron Mochon (Parks & Gardens)
  • Jose Hernandez (Food Services)

Please distribute this newsletter on noticeboards, pigeon holes, lunch rooms, etc.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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