The City of Port Phillip has decided to reduce the roster requirements of its parking officers by two-thirds of the available rostered strength (not inclusive of officers currently on leave).

Parking officers have been asked to take leave entitlements or where this isn’t available their hours will be reduced.

This comes on top of dramatic reductions to library rosters and those of school crossing supervisors.

These reductions are purportedly a response to State Government directives for Stage 4 pandemic restrictions.

As the ASU has pointed out to CoPP, whilst Stage 4 restrictions do indeed place limitations on the work that can be performed, it is entirely at Port Phillip’s discretion as to whether it reduces the rostered hours of staff.

Most other councils have sought redeployment of their staff or in some instances continued to pay them, despite reducing actual working hours.

We have today written to the CEO, the Mayor and Councillors asking that they reconsider their decision and noting the fact that these reductions to hours and the requirement to draw down on leave entitlements is not something that is being asked of the senior executive team at Port Phillip.

The ASU will continue to advocate for its members to reduce potential loss as a result of the pandemic.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone |

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