On 3 September the ASU met with management to discuss the log of claims for the Depot.

The below responses are not formal responses or formal positions.

The ASU will schedule a future meeting with the Manager Lachlan upon his return from leave. However the responses we have indicate if council considers the claim favorable/not so favorable.

Below is an update on the following claims:

Claim number 64:  Contractor Fulton and Hogan Weather and Heat policy to apply
Management response:
During negotiations for the general provisions, discussions were had around a heat and weather policy for all outdoor staff. Management’s position was that policies would not be included in the EA. Admittedly this is not a common practice for full policies to be in the EA, however the ASU is currently involved in the OHS committee developing a heat policy specifically for and representing the members from the depot. The ASU have some proposed wording to be added to the existing clause on extreme weather which will address OHS concerns and Councils responsibilities. Depot HSRs are also involved in the OHS Committee and this work.

Claim number 65: Allowance for collecting syringes $2, condoms $2, animal and human faeces $5, dogs’ cats or animals of similar size $5, Handling infected Materials allowance increased to $10 and broaden definition of materials
Management Response
: Open for consideration. Council indicated an openness to include a Biohazard waste clause to cover such items. Council are open to increasing the allowances currently in Part B of the agreement and including syringes and faeces. The ASU will do some benchmarking on other councils and provide proposed wording on a new clause.

Claim number 66:  Spread of hours Monday to Friday not Monday to Sunday for all staff at depot
Management response:
Not deemed favorable.  Council view is they operate a 24/7 service and require some staff on weekends. Management said those that are currently on M-F spread of hours will not be changed. Council advised they will take back for further discussion and come back to the ASU.

Claim number 67: Mobile Phone Allowance
Management response:
  Favorable Given the use of personal phones during work hours, Council recognise an allowance should be payable. No evidence will be required. Amount to be confirmed at a later date.

Claim number 68: City of Port Phillip employees to receive the weekly sweeping allowance consistent with other teams
Management response:
Council indicated they will consider this and will have further discussions.

Claim number 69: Waste Management team to be re-banded to 3C from 2C
Management response:
Not Favorable. Council argue that the waste management team are correctly banded, an increase in banding would not be financially viable to council however an undertaking from management to review current classification.  

Claim number 70: Task finish clause – staff can go home once task finished if earlier than shift finish (Public Holidays)
Management response:
Agreed in principle. Council state this is already current practice.  

Claim number 71: Parking permits for White Street (currently costs $35 weekly to park)
Management response:
Open for consideration. Council state that permits would not be provided, however looking at the times of parking limits, possibly changed from 8am to 9am would resolve the issue. Management to come back to the ASU once further investigation is done, however was considered favorable.

Claim number 72 and 74: Mandatory 2 staff per vehicle
Management response:
ASU elaborated on this claim in line with member instructions for crews to two up. Council acknowledged this is a safety issue and will come back with a response.

Claim number 73: Optional fortnightly RDO’s
Management response:
Open for consideration. Council acknowledged inconsistencies across teams. Further discussion to be had.

Claim number 75: City of Port Phillip supervisors’ access to commuter use of vehicle (UTES)
Management response:
Open for consideration. Favorable. Council state they are open to this, however staff may need to pay for commuter use. For further discussion.

Claim number 76: Optional weekly pay
Management response:
Not agreed.

Claim number 77: Standby allowance to be increased currently 16 hours claim is 21 hours per week for 7 days
Management response:
Agreed in principle. Further discussion required.

Claim number 78: Claim minimum 4 hours pay for emergency call outs
Management response:
Not favorable. Further discussion required.

Claim number 79: Equity of pay within services – i.e. parity between street and beach and waste management staff
Management response:
Not favorable. As covered in claim 69.

Claim number 80: Extra week annual leave for night shift staff and hours changed to 9:30pm-5:30am
Management response:
Extra week annual leave not favorable. Shift times open for consideration providing no service delivery issues.  Council to come back to the ASU with further response.

Claim number 81: Daily training allowance for employees required to train any employee on machinery, operating vehicles, sweepers
Management response: Open for consideration. Further conversation required about application and amount.

Claim number 82: Minimum 5 hours overtime on weekends for Streetsahead team and employees under CoPP agreement
Management response:
Not favorable. Further conversation required.

Claim number 83: Technology allowance for outdoor workers – allowance would be to recognise that staff are going to be expected to help Council transition to smarter solutions to services
Management response:
Favorable. Council indicated they are open to consider this idea. Further conversation required.

Claim number 84: Supervisors rebanded to band 5
Management response:
Further discussion required. Will need to review current classification.

Claim number 85: Saturday Penalty rates for Streetsahead 1.5 first 2 hours double time thereafter Sunday rates double time all day
Management response:
Not agreed.

Claim number 85: Streetsahead team to receive public holidays consistent with rest of depot
Management response:
Not agreed. Council advised the Streetsahead conditions and remuneration in the appendix already compensate for this.

Please note that these responses are not final. Further meetings will be scheduled to discuss the items not agreed to and provide the information as agreed between parties.

If members have any information about any of the above claims that may help with negotiations the ASU encourages you to contact your ASU delegates Steve Jillard and Peter Morgan.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 | hdavies@asuvictas.com.au

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