On 3 September the ASU met with management to discuss the log of claims for Community Care.

Below is an update on the following claims:

Claim number 58:  All work performed to be rebanded at a band 3
Management response: Not agreed. Management’s position is that there is a reduction in hours due to the NDIS, with a loss of between 500-700 hours a month. Financial impacts and restraints being the principal reason for rejecting this claim. The ASU did some benchmarking and provided a list of a large list of a number of councils who already classify their carers at band 3 for comparison. Management did not seem to take an interest in this data.

Claim number 59: Minimum hours to be increased to 25 hours (currently 15)
Management Response
: Not agreed. Council advised they are struggling to maintain hours as it is, however Council maintains every effort to minimising the effects of the loss of hours due to NDIS transition as of 1st October. Council will come back to ASU with further information on impact on hours across all Community Care staff with impending rosters changes later this month.

Claim number 60: Increase in vehicle allowance
Management response:
Agreed in principle. Council has indicated they will consider an increase in vehicle mileage allowance. The ASU will provide some figures based on other vehicle allowances throughout Local Gov.

Claim number 61: Gaps in between visits no more than 30 minutes otherwise it will be paid time
Management response:
  Agreed. Given the NDIS changes and the need for staff to work across the whole municipality this was agreed to. From a service delivery point of view the rosters are currently being looked at to minimize gaps. Management acknowledged that it is time to travel not the distance that is particularly an issue in this municipality.

Claim number 62: Car servicing day off to be increased to twice a year
Management response:
  Agreed in principle. Management indicated they are prepared to award this upon the provision of evidence. ASU will provide wording to be added to current clause.

Claim number 62: Car cleaning allowance
Management response:
Agreed in principle. The ASU will provide examples from other councils on the amount of the allowance.

Further meetings will be scheduled to discuss the items not agreed to and provide the information as agreed between parties.

If members have any information about any of the above claims that may help with negotiations the ASU encourages you to contact your ASU delegate Lyn Wulf

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 | hdavies@asuvictas.com.au

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