On 21 August the ASU met with management to discuss the log of claims for parking enforcement, below is an update on the following claims:


Claim number 90:
No changes to fleet cost on council vehicles during term of the fleet arrangement without agreement of employee

Management response: Managements position is that this is already covered in policy and no increases to costs are done during the term. The ASU sought to have this added to the EA. The ASU will provide wording to be added to the clause and will be considered by council.

Employees who have medical reasons/OHS grounds for requiring a non-standard vehicle on the fleet list, will be exempt from paying the higher cost.

Management response: Managements position is that fleet arrangements should not be in the Enterprise Agreement, however ASU to provide clause wording around this for further discussion.


Claim number 91:
Substitute leave day for staff who are not rostered and are directed to work event days such as Grand Prix and St Kilda Festival

Management Response: Management do not support this claim as staff who are not rostered would receive penalty rates and council already provide for an extra weeks annual leave due to the nature of the role. They state it is an inherent requirement of the position to work St Kilda Festival.


 Claim number 92:
Option for staff to purchase council vehicle at end of salary sacrifice period

Management response:  As per the Local Government Act all council property needs to be auctioned, employees are welcome to attend the auction however council cannot agree to this claim due to restrictions in the Local Government Act.  


Claim number 93:
Training allowance for officers who train new staff when senior officers are unable to do so, paid at rate of senior and rotated across team

Management response:  Management advised that there have been less than 5 new staff in the past 18 months, and that training new staff is expected. They also advised that other parts of council train new staff and are not subject to a training allowance. Management asked for clarification on shadowing or training new employees as there is a distinction. ASU to follow up with members what is current practice and the frequency of this occurring.


Claim number 94:
Rebanding to Band 5

Management response:  Managements position is the reclassications sit outside the Enterprise Agreement, however they are prepared to look at other council for benchmarking and have further discussion.


Claim number 95: Covered in claim 90

Claim number 96:
Overtime clause to be strengthened to provide flexibility on criteria specifically for consistent satisfactory attendance and allocation of overtime spread evenly offered to CoPP employees before agency staff

Management response:  Council is open to consider adding wording to the clause to address this claim and fairer access to overtime across the team, ASU to provide wording to cover off this.

 If members have any information about any of the above claims that may help with negotiations please contact your ASU delegate Lauren White Lauren.White@portphillip.vic.gov.au  or
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 | hdavies@asuvictas.com.au.


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