The ASU met with management on 19 September to progress negotiations on the general provisions of the ASU log of claims and hear council’s offer in relation to pay increases.

Council presented an offer and has indicated that they want to put the EA out to a vote in the coming weeks. The ASU wants to make sure members are aware that the union and council have not reached in-principle agreement. Several work groups have not yet completed their appendix negotiations, any vote could not rightly take place without these matters being finalised. The union is seeking member feedback as a matter of priority with the next few weeks being critical, via survey. Fill out the survey here.

At the EA meeting council spoke about the pay offer being linked to rate capping and that the offer is realistic in the rate capping environment. They did not discuss the basis for the offer in more detail, and the ASU has stated that we need further details about council’s specific financial position to provide members with further context. For instance, many areas of membership report an increased use of agency staff. Agency staff typically cost rate payers more than staff directly employed, whilst lining the pockets of external for-profit agencies. The ASU also notes that income from rates received by council is greater than the rate cap itself. We have foregrounded to council that we are seeking more information on several areas of finances including use of consultants and casuals as well as agency staff, and other budget information.

The ASU, ANMF and their respective delegates were presented with the following pay offer:

Year 1: 2.5% | Year 2: 2% or rate cap whichever is greater | Year 3: 2% or rate cap whichever is greater

Council stated they will backpay the 2019 pay increases to the first pay period after 1 July 2019, upon a successful yes vote. Despite Council agreeing to 11 claims (of which most are not cost related), there are still 31 claims not agreed to and more that either require further discussion or partially agreed. The ASU will not give a response to council without further direction from members, and appreciate members will need further info to come to an informed view.

Members’ meetings held since the EA meeting on Thursday began to shortlist priorities amongst outstanding claims. Members were asked what matters most to them, below are priority claims from members who attended:

  • Claim 2. GPS surveillance principles strengthened in EA
  • Claim 4. Parking permits for centres in high risk areas with early/late spread of hours i.e. childcare and libraries
  • Claim 5. Pay increases
  • Claim 8. Health and wellbeing allowance/recognition
  • Claim 9. End of band recognition
  • Claim 12. Extra superannuation
  • Claim 18. Increase in redundancy pay
  • Claim 25. Disciplinary procedure allowing natural justice, right of representation principles.
  • Claim 34. Option for 9 day fortnight
  • Claim 55. Hours worked above core hours reviewed and adjusted

We urge all members to confirm their view on EA priorities via a quick survey. If you were unable to attend a member meeting or did not yet have a say, this is an important opportunity for you to confirm your priorities. All members are urged to complete the survey and indicate the priority claims to assist the union in negotiations. See log of claims.

Further meetings were held in Home Care and Depot late last week. Appendix meetings for these areas are not yet finalised, making it difficult for members to come to an informed view on a full offer from council. Further appendix meetings are scheduled over the next three weeks or so.

The ASU notes a recent email to staff from council stated that they have offered a number of improvements to existing conditions. Whilst council has agreed to these claims it is important to remember that these were put on the table by ASU members and negotiated hard for over the last 4 months by your union and local delegates. Further member meetings will be scheduled as more detail is sought from council.

In meantime, please talk to others in your work area about what’s happening and the importance of being a union member, providing feedback and getting involved!

Want to get the best outcomes possible in your EA?

  • Encourage other members to come to the meeting with you
  • Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join the ASU

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