ASU members have now endorsed the final log of claims at multiple meetings held last week. The log of claims will be tabled at the meeting with Council on June 23 and will be sent to all members that day by email.

We will keep members updated throughout the process vis email, text and face-to-face meetings.

The ASU is only as strong as its members at the City of Port Phillip, the more members we have the stronger we are together.

By becoming a member of the ASU you will join thousands of other Australians striving together to defend and advance our rights at work. Together we achieve much more than we do alone.

  • We campaign together in our workplaces to reach the best possible agreements with employers.
  • We defend individual members or groups of members facing discrimination, unfair treatment, bullying, etc.
  • We provide information to each other about workplace rights and other related matters.
  • We create a strong and united voice so we can be heard.
  • We participate in campaigns across our industries and with other workers across the country.
  • We show solidarity with workers across the globe.

Your ASU membership is your strength, know someone who is not a member? Ask them to join online at

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