Since our last newsletter on the CoPP EA negotiations, your ASU bargaining team has spent several weeks meeting with City of Port Phillip and their rep to clarify the consolidated document drafted by council.

The draft incorporates the current EA and Part B (Victorian Local Authorities Award 2001) together as one document, and as part of a commitment made between the parties during last negotiations.

Council have also added references to the Victorian Local Government Award 2015 – the relevant Modern Award for your workplace.

Although this process has been time consuming, we want to ensure there are no unintended reductions in current conditions. A clause has also been agreed to cover any circumstances where content may have been inadvertently missed and a loss arises.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 3 July – we will return to bargaining, with CoPP to respond to union claims and clarify their log.

We will be back in touch with members with more detail after getting a full response.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to report health growth of new members and delegates across council. Keep spreading the word that it pays to be part of the union!

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