Voting on a proposed agreement starts today.

Your union is recommending that staff VOTE NO. This is your chance to influence your pay outcome.

VOTE NO for these reasons:

  • Capacity to pay: the City of Monash have ‘Total Financial Assets’ (i.e. money) of more than $89 MILLIONas per the City of Monash Annual Report 2017/2018. We asked for a weekly increase of 2.5% or $45 (whichever is greater) which has been management have rejected month after month, despite having the capacity to pay. Council are only offering percentage based increases disadvantaging lower paid staff.
  • Monash employees deserve better. The so-called ‘improvements’ to conditions of employment proposed only apply to small numbers of employees and do not achieve parity with other councils. For example, cultural/ceremonial leave is unpaid leave where other councils provide for paid leave; sick leave payout only applies if you die and salary maintenance only applies to employees after you have been made redundant, and redeployed in a position at a lower classification. These are not leading-edge conditions of employment and still leave the City of Monash ‘chasing the tail’ of other councils.
  • The rate-cap fairy-tale:if Council thinks there is a link between the ‘rate cap’ and wage increases then why is it that when rates increased by 4% or 5% or 6% in years gone by why didn’t staff also get a 4% or 5% or 6% wage increase? This clearly shows the flawed logic that is flying around local government and is an argument that suits council at the moment but wouldn’t if rate capping didn’t exist.

The ASU is recommending that ALL STAFF VOTE NO when the ballot opens. This is the only path to get a better deal as voting Yes will not improve anything.

Your ASU Delegates:
Lilian O’Connor | Library Department
Patricia Donohoe | Aged & Community Services
Maureen Brynat | Aged & Community Services
Robert Ridgewell | Operations Centre
Luke Collins | Bushland Crew
Mark Evans | Operations Centre
Warren Marsden-Sayce | Operations Centre

We are stronger together. If you or someone you know is not yet a member of the ASU join online today:

For further information please contact: One of your ASU Delegates listed above or
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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