ASU and Delegates team attended consultation committee meeting with CoM management last week. Please see below for a summary of matters raised on behalf of members:


Critical Incident Friday 9 November
ASU raised concerns regarding OHS, and safety of staff that the internal PA system was not working in some council buildings and there are no clear instructions to staff when a lock-down response occurs. We need to have clear instructions/directions for staff who are locked out and for staff who are working in the incident area. Council have stated they are conducting a full review of the Critical Incident and will have more updates in the next few weeks. HSRs should make sure that you all are consulted in regard to this review.


ASU continue to raise OHS concerns in regard to occupational violence and other incidents that occur at libraries.  ASU requested that security staffing of libraries to continue. Members should continue to record all incidents on the internal incident reporting system.


Carlton Early Learning and Family Services Centre
CoM has been exploring options to contract the operations of the Centre out. ASU asked what consultation has taken place with affected staff, and with the parents and families who work and use the services. It would seem little to no consultation has happened so far. CoM have stated that after a competitive EOI process, this matter returned to Council on Tuesday 20 November. Council made a decision on the preferred provider to manage and operate the childcare component within the Carlton Learning Precinct. Council is required to now advertise the sub-lease for the Early Learning Centre. This advertisement will be open for a six week period and will name the preferred provider and the terms and conditions of the lease with a final decision been made by Council in February 2019. ASU have a lot of concerns with this matter and will be seeking further meetings with the CoM and holding members meetings as well to get more information on what impact these changes will have on existing staff.


Casuals at the CoM Art Centres
ASU have raised concerns about casual members not been given other employment opportunities, not only at their usual workplace but at other arts centre precincts which are operated by the CoM. Why would CoM use outside contractors when existing staff have the qualifications training and experience to fulfil these roles?!?


Other News: Upcoming 2019 EA Negotiations
ASU will be having a round of site visits over the next few weeks to get some ideas on our log of claims, please get in touch with your Delegate team/ASU Organiser.


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Please circulate this newsletter and spread the word! Place print and share on all notice boards in lunch rooms and workplaces. Please talk to all your work colleagues and encourage non-members to join the ASU online as we fight for a fair outcome for City of Melbourne.


For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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