Union members met earlier this week to discuss the issue of the two-tiered pay structure at CoM and how we can work collectively to shape the Remuneration Policy that CoM intends to develop over the next two months.

We expect that CoM will undertake formal consultation of the new Remuneration Policy in November and December. We know some Schedule A employees don’t even realise they are employed on a different pay structure to Schedule AA employees. To give this campaign the best chance possible over the next few weeks, we will all need to share information across CoM about why the current structure is unjust. ASU members and others will be starting to get more active to push CoM to introduce a fair policy to address this injustice. To do this we need all hands on deck!

No other council statewide has this unfair pay system. It has resulted in long-serving Schedule A workers performing the same work as Schedule AA workers but being paid up to $15,000 less.

We have started to work on this though!

ASU, ANMF and Professionals Australia members have developed a policy paper (you can download it here) that describes what our members say the Remuneration Policy should look like.

Please share this policy paper in your workplace and discuss the issues with your colleagues and managers.

How else can you help to fix this? Have you got other ideas how we can spread the message about the Remuneration Policy? Get in touch with ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards at zedwards@asuvictas.com.au

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