The ASU met with management today for a further EA negotiation meeting. We were expecting that management would put a revised offer, as they had advised the Fair Work Commission on Friday they would do so.

Frustratingly, at the start of the meeting, management advised the meeting that they were not in a position to put the revised offer today. They then later walked this back and said that they were unsure if a revised offer would be put and needed to gain management approval. This is contrary to the CoM’s representations at Fair Work last week.

The meeting was largely spent with CoM asking questions of other bargaining representatives. The ASU has been very clear about our position. As such, management did not have any questions about our claim. While we respect the role of bargaining representatives at the table and are committed to fulfilling our good faith bargaining obligations to them, as required by the Act – it is frustrating that we could not progress negotiations on remuneration.

The meeting has scheduled future meetings for further negotiation. These are to take place on Monday 5 July, Thursday 8 July, Monday 12 July, Thursday 15 July.

Taking the fight to Council
Last night, the ASU appeared at the Future Melbourne meeting to present our budget submission. You can watch the ASU submission and hear management’s response here at 1:55:

Special Future Melbourne Committee 29 June 2021 – City of Melbourne

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