Survey results

Thank you to members who filled out the ASU health and safety survey last week. Ventilation was the no.1 issue identified, with particular concern raised about ventilation at Council House 1 and City Library.

Taking action

The ASU wrote the CoM about these issues and then met with Alison Leighton and other representatives last week to discuss further. You can download our Health and Safety letter here.

CoM has listened and undertaken to provide further information about the steps they have taken regarding ventilation, particularly at CH1 and City Library. We await further response and reserve our rights to take further action with Worksafe if required.

Returning to the office

For those members who have been working from home, CoM has advised that it intends for workers to return to the office 5 days a week, except where a Flexible Work Arrangement is in place, or an individual has health reasons to WFH.

This decision is out of step with other Councils who are introducing a standard hybrid working arrangement.

If you need any assistance or advice about making an application for a Flexible Work Arrangement, please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or

Fair Work Action

Yesterday, the ASU was informed that the CEO has decided to revoke our invitation to present at the Corporate Induction today, due to our ‘disrespectful’ comments made about Schedule A at the last induction.

We stand by our presentation and our right to inform CoM Schedule A workers about their working rights and conditions. The ASU is filing in the Fair Work Commission today for breach of the enterprise agreement. We will keep you updated!

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