Next Tuesday, you will be given an opportunity to vote on whether to endorse a new enterprise agreement (EA) that will set the terms and conditions of your employment at City of Melbourne.

The ASU has been at the negotiating table for two years, to secure you a new EA.

Your hard-working delegates put a strong case at the bargaining table for a fair pay rise, with back pay, and conditions improvements. This was supported by you – active members, who voted to take industrial action and voiced your opinions with management and with your colleagues.

Congratulations on this incredible effort!

This EA will provide members with a fair pay rise and back pay. The wage outcomes are consistent with outcomes across the local government sector.

Management has also agreed through the EA negotiations, to introduce a ‘remuneration policy’ which will give Schedule A employees the opportunity to negotiate progression payments that recognise experience and performance. This policy will not form part of the EA.

We were unable to achieve everything that we wanted in this EA negotiation. Critically, the unfair two-tiered Schedule A/AA pay structure will remain.

In the upcoming vote, we recommend ASU members consider the wage offer and conditions improvements that the ASU Negotiating Team were able to secure, supported by your activism. We are mindful that it has taken two years to achieve this outcome and that the state is currently in lockdown, with an uncertain economic outlook. We encourage members to consider these factors when voting.

Further information and analysis about the EA can be found here.

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